How can I start earnings?

Download Monisho app and simply sign up. Once you signup you will find over thousands of unique products. Share the products with your friends, family, and networks on WhatsApp, Facebook, Imo or Instagram and earn when they buy from you. Don not worry about the delivery, we will take care of that.

Do I need a bank account to start?

Not necessary, you can also receive your earnings in your Bikash account. Just provide your Bikash number in the account section of Monisho App.

How to sell the products?

Download our app, browse the catalogs and share the products with your friends, family, and networks on WhatsApp, Fcebook, Imo and Instagram. Once customers confirm price place an order for them on the Monisho App You can order for your customers either using COD or online payment method. Both payments methods are available.

How do I deliver the products to customers?

Monisho has delivery support. We will deliver the order to your customer anywhere in Bangladesh. Please note that the customer will not be informed either about Monisho or about your margin.

When and how do I get the payment?

Monisho will transfer your profit margin directly to your bank account or Bikash number that you have shared with us in the account section of the Monisho App. Your profit margin will be transferred on 10 th , 20 th and 30th of every month.

What Kinds of products are available on the Monisho App?

In Monisho App you will find a unique and variety of products ranging from Sarees, Kurtis, Kids Wear, Home furnishing, Electronics, Menswear, Gym Accessories and much more including International Brands.